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January 28, 2018
We're still alive! Don't believe the hype! Two of the ARG creators (Jim and Brian) ended up moving to Oregon (one in 2016, one in 2017), while Matt remains in the SF Bay Area, doing his thing. Jim has been doing work with Paul over at Evil Robot Games (click the link, check them out!), and has been working on getting the new Power Core RPG System (more on Power Core once we have something playable for you to check out) in place, while continuing his work on Galaxy Pirates (it's a link, you know what to do) with ERG. Things are moving, albeit very slowly. As always, we apologize for the lack of updates. Life comes at you hard, sometimes. Also, look for updates to the Atomic Rocket Games Blogspot entries very soon, now.

All mentions of the old ARCC community have been removed from the site - following the change of ownership of Livejournal, and the political ramifications that come with that, we have abandoned that platform as a discussion medium. Unfortunately, we have no ability to close out that forum, despite multiple attempts to shut it down. It's still there, but we are in no way maintaning it.

And, this bears mentioning: due to the demands of Real Life on the staff, as well as our joining forces with ERG, a complete site redesign is in the works. What it'll look like when we're done, we don't know. But we promise it will be current and easy to use, with a fully cross-linked list of our products and any products we've worked on with others.

November 3, 2016
Our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting the site back online. There was a severe issue with the hosting server, which took the site offline for quite some time. We've returned to the world of the living, and have a bit of good news to share in the coming weeks, if all goes well. In the mean time, for those of you who have been keeping up with such things, please feel free to head over to Atomic Rocket Games on Blogspot, for a series of game-design and world-building essays published by yours truly. See you in Space!


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