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So You Want To Be An RPG Writer?

Atomic Rocket Games is not currently taking unsolicited submissions of written work for any of its project lines. Unsolicited work will be deleted from our mailboxes without being read, and persons who submit such work will recieve a warning. Further submissions of unsolicited work will also be deleted, and the individual(s) who submit the work will be put on a junk-mail filter. We apologize if this seems harsh, but would like to give you an honest reason as to why we will do this:

For your protection, and ours.

The simple form of it is this: If you submit a piece of unsolicited written work, and we decide not to use it, but later put out a product that touches on similar concepts, who is to say that we did not "steal" your idea? In all likelihood, we already had such a product in the works, but the similarities might be enough to cause a great deal of confusion and concern among not only you and your friends, but us and our lawyers as well. Copyright laws are arcane and complex. They are also harsh and unforgiving. Rather than end up in court with our fanbase, we prefer to ask that you please not send us any written submissions until we ask for them.

Unlike the statements on our Artist Submission Page, where we tell you "Yes, we'll take a look at your work and give you honest critique," we cannot do that with written materials. The reasons for this are simple:

We are not asking for finished pieces, and have laid out our terms for review.

We are offering our critiques as a free service to upcoming RPG Artists. We feel an honest, open critique relationship between potential artists and "the industry" is sorely lacking. It has been said that the RPG industry uses the same group of artists over and over again, because those artists are lucky enough to know what the industry wants. We aim to help in this area, and this is how we intend to do it.

Does this mean we will not take submissions? No, it does not. What it means is that when we ask for submissions, we will update this page with the terms and conditions of our submission search. You will get a list of very clear, very concise, instructions on what to submit, and how. There will be release forms. There will be signatures. Your intellectual property, and ours, will be protected.

After all, we want you to succeed.

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