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Mekton Zeta thrives through online support from fans and gamers around the world. In addition to several detailed printed campaign worlds such as Invasion Terra or Starblade Battallion, there are also many exciting campaigns available on-line such as Virtual Mekton or Powersuit City.

If you're new to Mekton Zeta, and wondering what all the fuss is about, download Mekton Alpha, a free mini-game that introduces you to the world and rules of Mekton Zeta. Mekton Alpha requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.


2/11/2003: Official Update on Gundam Senki (excerpted from the R.Tal News page)
We have finished translation on the first book of the Mobile Suit Gundam RPG and are delighted to announce that it is now being edited by long-time Mekton guru, Benjamin Wright. Since his years at Talsorian, Benjamin has moved on to Viz Communications where he is currently working on Shonen Jump. More updates on this product as they come along.

6/12/2002: Mekton Mecha Creation Assistant
Thanks to Jeffrey Webb, we have added a Mekton Mecha Creation Assistant Excel Spreadsheet to the Resources section.

5/20/2002: Thanks to Paul Fields
Thanks to Paul Fields for his generous donation, allowing to retain its domain name for another year.

2/28/2002: Official Update on Upcoming Mekton Products
Lisa Pondsmith, General Manager of R.Talsorian Games, and Jim Milligan of Atomic Rocket Games, have provided official updates on the status of upcoming Mekton releases.

Quicksilver Blues, originally scheduled for Sept. 2001 release, has been postponed due to various stategic reasons. According to ARG spokesperson, Jim Milligan, "It's on hold until there are more new RTG products on the shelf to bolster its sales. Previous sales of Mekton products have been good, but Mekton, being a niche (Anime Mecha Roleplaying) within a niche (Anime Roleplaying) within a niche (Roleplaying) has never done the numbers of other RTG games. R. Talsorian really truly loves what we've done with QuickSilver Blues, and wants it to do well. I can't say as I argue with their logic, and am willing to wait until it's the right time to put it out."

Gundam Senki, however, is still on schedule. Lisa Pondsmith reports, "We have a translator to work on Gundam and we should be announcing at GAMA time, around the middle of March, the contents of the two Gundam books to be broken out of the Japanese edition. One to be scheduled for third quarter 2002 and one for fourth quarter."

11/29/2001: Squelching the Rumors (excerpted from the R.Tal News page)
"We hear that there is a rumor out there that there will be a D-20 Mekton version released. This isn't true. In fact, there are no plans for anyone to release any RTG games in D-20 versions."

Official Mekton Game Sheets Now Available for Download
R.Talsorian, with the help of Atomic Rocket Games, hase made the official Mekton Game Sheets, including character, mecha, and campaign synopsis sheets, available for download. Official authorization has been given to Atomic Rocket Games and to provide these sheets to the public free of charge.

These sheets are available now in the Resources section.

Mekton Gundam! (excerpted from the R.Tal News page)
"8/06/2001: IT CAN BE TOLD AT LAST! We can finally announce the Mystery License listed since March. R. Talsorian Games will be publishing a definitive game supplement for ORIGINAL GUNDAM! Gundam has been the inspiration for generations of mechahead gamers and this has long been a goal for Talsorian. We will be publishing the english language translation of the definitive Gundam sourcebook and gaming rules already released in Japan by T.O.Y. International (using the Mekton rules system) under license from property owner, Sunrise. We do not have a release date at this time as the matter has just been concluded but we'll keep you posted.

Lisa Pondsmith General Manager, RTG"

Quicksilver Blues
Atomic Rocket Games has written an 80-page campaign book for Mekton Zeta called Quicksilver Blues. The campaign book has seven adventures, detailing a full story with a beginning, middle, and an end. It is currently scheduled to sell for $12. When asked what it was like, one of the authors, Jim Milligan, responded:
      Spy Anime.
      Pirate Anime.
      Intrigue Anime.
      Giant Robots.
      And a really rather cool series of explosions and surprise guest stars.

Quicksilver Blues has been rescheduled for release in September, 2001.

Mekton Zeta Reprint
R.Talsorian Games has reprinted the Mekton Zeta core rulebook. The new printing features a redesigned cover and adds character and mecha stats to the introductory Invasion:Terra setting. The book has been out-of-print for 3 years, so don't miss the chance to get your copy today! Mekton Zeta is available from your local game store, or online from Wizard's Attic.


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