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Mekton Zeta rules written by Mike Pondsmith, Mike MacDonald, Benjamin Wright, and Mark Schumann. is a production of, and is written, illustrated, and edited by Christian Conkle. All artwork on is copyright 2000 by Christian Conkle. makes no claim and takes no responsibility for any software application, product, or house rules available from the Resources section. All questions about software applications, products, or the house rules should be directed to the author of the work.

History of Mekton Zeta by David Crowe, excerpted from Main Mekton Hanger with permission.

Mekton Zeta Product Guide excerpted from R.Talsorian Games, used without permission.

Mekton Zeta, Mekton Zeta Plus, Invasion Terra, Starblade Battalion Mekton, Mekton Empire, and Algol are trademarks of R. Talsorian Games, Inc and are copyright 1995. All trademarks and copyrights used without expressed permission. This document is by no means a challenge to any copyright, trademark, or authorship.

I have the utmost respect for the creators of the original Mekton Zeta and only wish to improve upon their outstanding work.

Mekton Zeta and Mekton Zeta Plus can be purchased from R.Talsorian Games at



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Credits and Disclaimer   

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